But Hit Ghrit, whose mind is spoiled, can go to any extent to spoil the work of others.

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas : In the Balkand of Ramcharitmanas, Tulsidas ji had given the analogy of Tirtharaj to the saint society, similarly, Khalgans worship the evil society and the wicked here.

Many prisoner Khal Gun meetings.
J Binu kaj right and left.
But those who do interest loss profit.
Ujen Harsh Bishad settle down.

Now I sincerely bow down to the wicked, who, without any purpose, act unfavorably to those who do their best. It is the loss of the interests of others, who have profit in their eyes, who take great pleasure in the destruction of others and a lot of sorrow in their settlement.

Hari har jas rakes rahu se.
But from Akaj Bhat Sahasbahu.
Blame Lakhin Sahasakhi on J.
But Hit Ghrit, whose mind was blown.

Those who are like Rahu to the moon of Hari and Hari’s full moon, that is, wherever the fame of Lord Vishnu or Shankar is described, they obstruct in that and such people work so hard to harm others as if thousands Working with arms. Those who look at the faults of others with a thousand eyes and whose mind is like a fly for the benefit of others, that is, just as a fly, falling into the ghee, spoils it and dies itself, in the same way wicked people are made of others. They also spoil the work created by doing their own harm.

Sharp krisanu fury mahishesa.
Agh avaguna dhani dhani dhanesa.
Uday’s common interest is for everyone.
Kumbhakaran sam sovat nike..

Who is like fire in the heat that burns others, Yamraj in anger, is as rich as Kuber in the wealth of sin and demerits, Ketu is like a tail star to destroy the interests of all, and such people It is better to keep sleeping like Kumbhakarna. The feeling is that their Aishwarya is inferior, poor, sad and being buried, that is, it is beneficial for the world to keep sleeping.

But Akaju lagi Tanu Pariharahi.
Jimmy Him Upal Krishi Dali Garhi.
Bandun Khal Jas Sesh Sarosha.
Blame it on Sahas body barnai.

Just as hail destroys agriculture and dissolves on its own, similarly they leave their bodies to spoil the work of others. I bow down to the wicked as the thousand-faced Sheshnag, who describes the alien faults with more fury than a thousand faces. The meaning of Tulsi Baba’s saying is that Shesh Nag ji joyfully sings the glory of Hari with a thousand faces and the wicked keep on saying only the faults of others with anger.

Puni Pranavam Prithuraj Samana.
But agh heari sahas ten kana.
Bahuri sakr sam binavu tehi.
Sant Suranik Hit Jehi.

Again, I bow to him as King Prithu, who had asked for ten thousand ears to hear the glory of God, like those who listen to the sins of others with ten thousand ears. Then, treating them like Indra, I bow down to those who find alcohol to be healthy. Even for Indra, the army of the gods is beneficial.

Bachan bajra jehi sada piara.
Sahas put the blame on Nayan.

Those who always love the thunderbolt in the form of harsh words and who look at the faults of others with a thousand eyes.

Indifferent arimit interest sunat jarhin khal reti.
Jani Pani Jug Jori Jana Banti Kari Sapriti.

It is the custom of the wicked that they are jealous, enemy or friend, listening to the interests of anyone. Knowing this, with folded hands, this person lovingly graciously worships them.

I can see my disi kinh nihora.
Tinh Nij and Na Laub Bhora.
Bias paliahin ati Anuraga.
Hohhh nimish kabhun kabhun ki kaga..

I have prayed on my behalf, but they will never fail from their side. Take care of the crows with great love; But can they ever be a renouncer of the flesh? Absolutely not.

Binu Satsang Bibek Na Hoi… Satsang gets immediate fruit, crow becomes cuckoo and heron becomes swan

Sadhu Charit Subh Charit Like Kapasu, by taking a dip in the Triveni of the saint society, you get all the fruits in this world.


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