Butter money

What do I hear? What am I reading? Now we are being told, after the rise in the price of gasoline, gas and electricity, in short, everything that heats us up, a rise in the price of butter. Which, of course, does not serve to warm us, but which warms the heart. And not a small increase in nothing at all: downright 100%, if we are to believe the butter professionals. From € 4 per kilo in August to € 8 in December. And even 10 € within a few days, predict the same.

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The worst part is that this inflation is combined, beware, with the risk of a shortage. And this bad news, alert the pastry chefs, is just a few days before the galette des rois. Because, well, more expensive butter is one thing. But no more butter at all, you imagine the disaster, what am I saying, the disaster? I am thinking of a region where butter is much more than a simple ingredient, but an art of living, a philosophy: Brittany.

Let’s take a random example: the kouign-amann (because there is not only the galette des rois in life), which is to Brittany what fries are to Belgium (and sweeter, all the same) . A kouign-amann is butter with butter to which we add butter mixed with butter with a touch of butter. You remove the butter, what’s left? I’ll let you find the answer on your own. This is the world ahead: Covid everywhere, butter nowhere. I say it bluntly: enough is enough.


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