Buttergate Canada: Why are Canadian residents complaining of butter hardening? Know the reason

For the last one year people are using kitchen more. Their time is running between the kitchen, work, quarantine and not getting out to eat. Due to this, demand has increased in many areas of main kitchen foods like dairy and prices of food items are increasing. But what happens when you know that the butter is not getting soft for the recipe?

Why are the people of Canada not getting softer?

A similar case is being faced with the people of Canada these days. Many people have been surprised at the strange posture of butter in the viral post from the beginning of the epidemic. Some social media users are even giving him the title of ‘Butter Scandal’. However, the dairy industry is insisting that the claim is baseless.

‘Buttergate’ abounds on social media platforms

Actually, the butter scandal began with a question put on Twitter, shared by one of the authors of the dish, “Do you see that it is no longer soft at room temperature?” After the tweet post appeared, hundreds of cooks at home shared the same kind of pain.

The recipe author said that he started getting information about the buttermilk texture on his Twitter in the spring of 2020, but he didn’t realize how big this issue was until he posted about it this month.

The recipe author imagined that butter remained stable at room temperature due to changes in fatty acid profile. Seeing supply constraints and high demand for dairy, he started looking for palm fat in animal feed and found how palm oil-based supplements dairy farmers are using to increase production and increase the fat content in milk. Huh. The increase in the percentage of palmitic acid to meet the demand and produce more milk confirms the author’s research that the higher the volume, the lower the chances of the butter softening at room temperature.

Canadian farmers doing research on food are advising to limit the use of palmitic acid. However, it is up to the provincial governments to determine the amount of palmitic acid to be used.

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