By adopting these methods, green coriander will remain fresh for several weeks.

Store Coriander Leaves Fresh For a Long: Coriander is used in most things in the kitchen. Whether it is coriander chutney or to garnish the dish, coriander is used in all. In such a situation, the problem comes when we are not able to keep coriander fresh. If green coriander is not stored properly, then it starts drying up and getting spoiled within a day or two. In such a situation, we will solve your problem here. We will tell how you can keep green coriander fresh for 20 to 25 days by following these tips.

Simple ways to keep Green Coriander fresh-

Use air tight cans

Always use tissue and air tight container to store coriander leaves. For this, first wash the coriander thoroughly with water. After that dry it in the fan. Now wrap it in tissue paper and keep it in air tight. After this keep this box in the fridge. By doing this, coriander will remain fresh for 2 weeks.

Keep green coriander in a plastic bag

To keep coriander fresh, you can also keep coriander in a plastic bag. In this way you can keep coriander fresh for about 2 weeks. For this, first wash and dry the coriander thoroughly. At the same time, keep in mind that there should not be even a little water in it. After this, wrap the coriander in tissue paper and put it in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge.

Keep coriander in a muslin cloth

If you want to keep coriander fresh for two weeks or more, then you can wrap it in a muslin cloth and keep it in the fridge. By doing this, coriander will remain fresh for a long time.

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