Cab driver filed a complaint of misconduct against Sanjana Galrani, the actress said these things in her explanation

Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani, who was arrested in the Sandalwood drug racket case, is once again in the news. Actually, now a cab driver in Bangalore has filed a complaint against Sanjana Galrani. The cab driver says that Sanjana Galrani has abused her for not turning on the air-conditioner in the taxi. The cab driver told that running the AC is against the Kovid-19 protocols of Karnataka. At the same time, Sanjana Galrani has said on social media that the cab driver was harassed and did not tell anything about the Kovid-19 protocols.

The cab driver said in his complaint, ‘Sanjana Galrani sat in her taxi and asked to run the AC. I refused to run the AC as per the government’s Kovid-19 protocols. However, he insisted that I should switch on the AC and I switched to Level 1. The cab driver further said, ‘Sanjana Galrani raised it to level 4 and abused me. They threatened to file a kidnapping case against me and run a social media campaign against me. I have taken up the matter with Karnataka Drivers Federation.

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Meanwhile, Sanjana Galrani has reacted to the incident. Sanjana Galrani said, ‘Finally, can I challenge a cab driver? I would never go that low. So many women are humiliated and thrown off despite the cab driver paying full fare. As a customer, it is my right to ask for good service. The allegations leveled by the cab driver are nothing more than mere stories.

Sanjana Galrani wrote a long note on social media, the driver ‘initially said that he would not run the AC at all and was behaving in a very indecent manner. He did not even use the words Kovid rules even once and neither were any covid rules in writing for us. I am paying for an AC car and it is the right of the customer to ask the AC to be used. Sanjana Galrani further said, ‘I did not abuse even a single one. I asked him if he would treat his mother or sister the same way in such a situation.’

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Sanjana Galrani said, ‘I asked him if he would again demand Rs 1000. I spoke strongly just because he was too arrogant and pressurizing us to land at the wrong address. I called the police at 10:30 in the morning and informed them that the driver was not stopping the car and was making us go round and round. He was increasing the meter reading and was not taking me to the correct address. According to Sanjana Galrani, the driver stopped the car only after calling the police. The actress wrote at the end of the note, ‘I understand the pain of the working class people. But it’s too much. I can’t take any fake stories against me anymore.

Sanjana Galrani

Sanjana Galrani


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