Calais Jungle: five years after its dismantling, “the situation remains complicated but is not worse”, considers the deputy Pierre-Henri Dumont

Five years after the dismantling of the “Calais jungle”, this vast migrant camp in the north of France evacuated and destroyed in October 2016, “the situation remains complicated, dramatic in some respects, but it is not worse than 5 years ago”, estimated Sunday, October 24 on franceinfo Pierre-Henri Dumont. The Republican deputy of the 7th district of Pas-de-Calais invited associations to “measure what they say”, after the words of the Salam association, Saturday 23 October on franceinfo, evoking “an inhuman situation” and destroyed tents “almost every day”.

“Five years ago, the Calais jungle was the largest slum in Europe, there were clashes of several hundred migrants with the CRS every night and there were deaths almost every week in the ranks. migrants “, reacted the deputy. “There were trucker and truck ‘caillassages’ on the ring road with ‘Wild West’ type roadblocks until truckers burned to death in the flames of their cabins due to these migrant roadblocks.”, he assured.

“The only solution to avoid the creation of these new jungles is to dismantle the tents, the shelters that are created, extremely regularly.”

Pierre-Henri Dumont

to franceinfo

According to him, it is necessary at all costs “avoid creating an attachment point”, in “leaving migrants to settle for a few days”. “For 25 years, we have had this same system where as soon as we allow tents to set up, a slum is created with inside rules of life and networks of smugglers who find there people capable of pay to risk their lives, then die – for some – on small tubs, small boats “, lamented Pierre-Henri Dumont. Today, he recognizes that there are still smugglers but “less than if there were 10,000 people nearby.”

“We must continue to maraud, to explain to migrants that it is necessary to file asylum applications in France and to work with the United Kingdom”, insisted deputy LR, denouncing the “missed opportunity” of Brexit. “Emmanuel Macron refused to allow a migration agreement to be nested in the Brexit negotiations”, regretted Pierre-Henri Dumont. According to him, we must renegotiate “not by begging for 50 million euros as we do to buy cameras, fences, barbed wire and drones but by explaining that the British must now rework their internal law because it facilitates the immigration of illegals”. “There are pressure tactics but it takes political courage, unfortunately this government does not have any”, concluded Pierre-Henri Dumont.

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