Calais: migrants evacuated from a camp, three days after clashes with the police

Present on the spot, a member of the inter-associative network Human Rights Observers (HRO) denounced a “really violent” expulsion, with a very large number of police and gendarmes and tear gas used “for nothing”.

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Migrants were evacuated on Sunday February 2 at the beginning of the afternoon, from a land they occupied in Calais (Pas-de-Calais), three days after violent clashes with the police on the same site, said the authorities and associations.

This operation on the basis of flagrance had “two objects”, according to the deputy prosecutor of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Patrick Leleu: carry out the evacuation which could not be carried out on Thursday because of the clashes and “if possible proceed to arrests” following this episode.

A migrant was taken into custody on Sunday “directly linked to the events of Thursday”, he added.

Present on the spot, Emma from the inter-associative network Human Rights Observers (HRO) denounced an eviction “really violent”, with a very large number of police and gendarmes, tear gas used “for nothing” and migrants “chased so they can’t take their things.”

“There was a megaphone announcement [de l’expulsion] by the commissioner of Calais, in French, and two minutes after the cordon of CRS was formed, no one had time to recover anything, all the tents except one or two were seized! “ she denounced, believing that it was “retaliation for what happened on Thursday”.

According to her, around 200 migrants, mostly Sudanese and often minors, lived in this camp, already dismantled several weeks ago. “It’s a forced displacement, with no accommodation offer”, she pointed out.

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