Call for testimonials. Covid-19: university teacher, do you face the difficulties of students? tell us

Students in great pain. After a new suicide attempt last week in a university residence in Lyon, many groups are warning about the isolation and psychological distress of many students, whose daily lives are shaken by the Covid-19 epidemic and health measures. With the hashtag #ghost students, many testimonies came to alert on this worrying situation, while Jean Castex announced, Thursday, January 14, a gradual return in face to the university, by half-group. On the front line facing students and their webcams, many teachers are looking for solutions.

Are you a teacher, university professor, and you are faced with student difficulties? Do you have difficulty catching up with dropouts? Do you have tools in place to help the most vulnerable? Franceinfo invites you to share your experience of this disrupted daily life. You can write to us by filling out the form below. Don’t forget to leave us your contact details, so that our journalists can get back to you.

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