Calvados: the town of Falaise inherits two million euros from a former resident

The town of Falaise inherited more than two million euros from a former resident. The mayor wants to invest this amount to “finance post-Covid projects”.

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The town of Falaise (Calvados) inherited more than two million euros. A hundred-year-old woman, who died last April, decided to bequeath all her fortune to the city, where she worked for a time, before going to live in Caen.

After months of administrative procedures, the news was unveiled last week in City Council by the mayor, Hervé Maunoury. An incredible amount for him, since it represents 10% of his annual budget. It plans to offer elected officials “set aside a million to finance post-Covid projects”.

The mayor plans to invest the other million from 2022. “We have a few leads on heritage projects, youth, associations and sport. Quite a few projects which only await additional funding like this one”, he asserts.

Another unusual fact: this is not the first time that the city has received a bequest from a former resident. “The Falaisiens are really attached to their city, considers Hervé Maunoury. Each time, it is people who have lived in Falaise, have gone elsewhere for their old age, and who despite everything have decided to bequeath property to the city. “

The mayor is very grateful to the generous donor, Denise Lecourt, who had no other heir. He plans to give his name to a street or a building to pay homage to him.

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