Can measuring the imagination help medicine?

DECRYPTION – Creativity is a natural human skill, and its deterioration should alert.

From birth, there is everything necessary in our brain to allow our imagination to develop. It is therefore above all the experience of each one that makes the difference. Multiplying experiences leaves memory traces in the brain: these are the ones that will serve as the basis for new original ideas. This is why reading, walking in nature, looking around, going to exhibitions, travelling, being curious about everything, are all elements that feed the imagination.

“The circuit of the imagination lights up when the brain is not assigned to a specific task and that daydreaming is given free reinwith wandering thoughts, explains the Pr Marc Vérin, neurologist at the CHU Pontchaillou in Rennes, founder of the Brittany Brittany expert center and president of the Institute of Clinical Neurosciences in Rennes. This circuit – called “the default mode” – makes associations between different images and events by tapping into the large…

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