Can Omicron cause black fungus? Correct information is essential

Omicron and Black Fungus: The fear of Omicron is increasing continuously. The speed with which its cases are coming up, it seems that the third wave can be seen not only in Delhi or Maharashtra but in many other states. In the midst of this danger, the thing that scares people the most is the fear of black fungus infection. Because it has caused a lot of devastation between the last two waves and has given life-long pain to the people.

In such a situation, the possibility of a third wave or say that in the middle of the beginning, once again the fear of black fungus is being seen among the people. Most people are scared to think that like the Kovid-19 and Delta variants, Omicron patients may also fall prey to the black fungus! In this regard, we have brought to you the accurate information, which experts are telling on the basis of case studies so far.

Black fungus will not dominate

The conclusions reached by health experts among Omicron’s case studies clearly indicate that black fungus cases will not be seen in this variant. However, it is an infectious disease and the virus is changing its form after frequent mutations. Therefore, one should not make the mistake of taking the seriousness of the virus lightly.

WHO is also making the same appeal

Amidst the ever-increasing number of Omicron patients, new guidelines and information are constantly being shared by the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, in the latest guideline, WHO has suggested not to take Omicron lightly. In a statement issued by the WHO, it has been said that the symptoms of Omicron are mild, so do not mistake it to be weak. This is a form of Corona itself. That is, for the time being, you should understand that the only connection between Omicron and Black Fungus is that no connection has been revealed between them in the study so far.

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