Can running really be beneficial for your knees? Researchers made shocking disclosures

Can running really suit your knees? A new research has tried to find a surprising answer. Researchers say that running and walking may have different effects on the knee joint.

Research using dynamic photographs and complex computer models has confirmed that running equals more knees than walking. Researchers believe that by running, the stiff-flexible bones rise and strengthen. Research has raised the possibility that without damage to the knees, running can give them strength and can prevent knee pain.

How much is running for knees than walking?

In fact, the notion is widespread that running causes damage to the knees. Every running man is familiar with the meaning of damage to the knees and this concern is not unreasonable. Running involves bending enough joints. Hard-elastic bones do not have blood supply. Due to which it is believed that bones do not have the ability to heal on their own when damaged or changes after childhood. But in real life, this does not happen. Some runners develop knee pain, but this is not the case with all people.

Researchers drew shocking results by comparison

Racers may experience relatively less arthritis. In earlier research, researchers considered whether the machine running machine had any meaning. For this, he asked Volunteer to walk and run along the track. His objective was to measure the force that was generated with each step. The result showed that people hit the ground more vigorously while running. With this, he took more time between the upper jumps. This means that he made less jumps to cover the same distance while running.

So the researchers then tested healthy young men and women running and walking. They included a plate holding the force along the track. During this time he made a film of Volunteer. The researchers calculated Volunteer’s running force. Theoretically, the researchers wanted to know what happens to healthy knee bones when an adult walked for six kilometers every day for three years, and ran for three kilometers in those days.

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