Can we say that natural gas is clean energy?

VERIFICATION – According to MEP Aurore Lalucq, Berlin intends to promote natural gas as one of the levers towards the energy transition.

THE QUESTION – Asked about LCI on June 17, MEP Aurore Lalucq (Place publique) affirms that “it’s a severe battle“In Brussels between the French”who want nuclear power to be considered sustainable and the Germans who say – I’m caricature – gas must be considered sustainable“. She adds that this question “is going to be a real topic during the campaign [des législatives en septembre, NDLR] which arrives in Germany because it concerns a lot of jobs“.

Germany, as part of its energy transition, must definitely abandon nuclear power next year. It also plans to shut down its coal-fired power stations between 2035 and 2038 and relies on natural gas imports, in particular via the controversial Nord Stream 2 project, a gas pipeline that will directly link Russia and Germany. But beyond geopolitical considerations, can we really say that natural gas is clean energy?

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