Can your mask be the cause of ‘black fungus’? Know what the experts say

New Delhi: After corona virus, Mucoramycosis or Black Fungus is becoming a matter of concern for the country. Black fungus is also harming the nose, eyes, sinuses and in some cases the brain of people suffering from or recovering from corona infection. Awareness among people about black fungus is still low. ABP News spoke to Dr. Manjari Tripathi Neurologist, AIIMS, Delhi to know more about this disease.

Dr. Manjari Tripathi said that fungus is present in our environment. These fungus do not harm us when we are healthy, but when we are suffering from some disease that weakens our immunity, then this fungus attacks us. Corona also weakens immunity. Along with this, if the patient has sugar and has taken steroids without the advice of a doctor, then fungus can attack such a patient.

Dr. Tripathi said that it is very important to stay alert to avoid black fungus. See a doctor immediately if there is swelling around the nose or red color or swelling in the eyes or a crust inside the nose.

Masks and black fungus
Dr. Tripathi said that in this disease, it is very important to take care of cleanliness that when we wear the mask, it sweats, which makes the mask wet. Fungus thrives due to this wetness. So it is very important that you keep your mask clean, keep many masks with you. Keep seven masks separately for seven days. After using the mask, wash them and dry them thoroughly in the sun. Also, do not let the dirt on your mouth. Mouth washing, brushing is also very important. Do not take any medicine without a doctor.

At the same time, Dr. P. Sharat Chandra of AIIMS said that using a mask for 2-3 weeks can also make a system for the development of black fungus. He said that high-risk individuals can be given the anti-fungal drug Posaconazole to reduce the incidence of black fungus.

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