CAP reform: farmers are mobilizing in and around Île-de-France

Behind the Saint-Arnoult toll, in the Yvelines, a string of tractors were placed around 6 o’clock around a small roundabout, to block the strategic axes leading to Orléans, Étampes or even Chartres. The small thirty farmers have decorated their tractors with a few signs in the direct style: “Macron, do you still want your peasants? “

“We want to issue a warning to Emmanuel Macron” whose “We do not share the vision” of the reform of the common European agricultural policy (CAP), explains Damien Greffin, president of the FNSEA Grand Bassin Parisien, on the roundabout. The latter indicated that 5,000 farmers were mobilized around 9 am in this operation organized over twelve departments, from part of Normandy to part of Champagne-Ardenne, via Île-de-France and Hauts. -of France.

→ INVESTIGATION. Reform of the CAP, the “working document” which agitates the agricultural world

“Not everyone left on a tractor, there are different forms of mobilization”, said a spokesperson for the FRSEA Île-de-France. “Many are meeting with their parliamentarians or with the prefects, and some have traveled by car to join the convoys or accompany them. “ According to the gendarmerie, around 7 a.m., around sixty tractors were converging on Paris from Essonne, Yvelines and Val-d’Oise.

A fear of loss of income

France is currently working on its national strategic plan, its variation of the future CAP, which it is due to present to the European Commission in June, like its EU neighbors. A complex exercise, bearing in mind that the general framework is still being negotiated in Brussels.

The mobilized farmers fear that the orientations of the future CAP will leave them by the wayside. In particular, it provides for the establishment of eco-schemes or “Eco-scheme”, a new source of financing conditional on more environmentally friendly practices. The Commission could thus require the maintenance of more than “Permanent grasslands, halting the decline of biodiversity, reducing (products) phytos and fertilizers “, according to a working paper from the Ministry of Agriculture.

“According to the first projections, in the current state of things, 70 to 80% of farmers would not have the possibility of benefiting from this eco-scheme, certainly voluntary”, estimated Damien Greffin, fearing that farmers who do not fit in this box lose “From 60 to 80 € per hectare”.

An unfinished reform

“If we are not received, we will go up to Paris”, where “where the people who decide” are., alert David Vallée, president of the Saint-Arnoult / Dourdan section, who is protesting against a reform “Unacceptable” of a “Unnamed complexity”. Questioned on this subject this week at the National Assembly, the Minister of Agriculture stressed that the reform of the CAP was “During consultation”, way of saying that the arbitrations were not final on the distribution of this budget within the agricultural world.

→ ANALYSIS. Agriculture, who will benefit from the CAP?

The platform “Pour une autre PAC”, which campaigns for a greener policy and brings together some forty organizations (NGOs and associations defending the environment, smallholders, animal rights or consumers), has, of its side, “Expresses its very strong opposition to the demands expressed by this part of the agricultural profession”. In a press release, she “Denounces their attempt to dramatically weaken the ambition of the CAP reform and is worried about the echo that their approach could find in the imminent government decisions on this issue”.


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