Cardio and weight lifting both make exercise healthy

Both cardio and weight training are popular and popular means of burning calories. Both have unique health benefits and complement each other. However, it can be difficult for beginners to decide which one is most beneficial.

Knowing about both forms of exercise can provide a starting point for the fitness journey. Now the question arises that which should be done first? It generally depends on your basic goals and priorities. However, weight lifting in general requires more effort.

Cardio vs. Weight Training Which?

Benefits of Cardio- Cardio exercises basically work for the cardiovascular system. There are many forms of cardio, each with its own unique benefits. Cardio improves heart health. Cardio exercise is known to increase your heart rate, which trains your body to use oxygen more effectively.

Benefits of Weight Lifting- Weight training provides the same benefits as cardio. However, weight training requires external weights. There are mainly two types of weight training. Lifting weights builds more muscle. Weight lifting can increase your metabolism. Weight training may not burn as many calories as cardio, but can increase an exerciser’s metabolism for up to three days after training, sometimes burning up to 50 percent more calories per pound of muscle. Lifting weights helps build muscle. 

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