Carlo Rovelli: “Philosophy can help us make sense of the strangeness of quantum mechanics”

MAINTENANCE – The Franco-Italian physicist suggests ways to reconcile the uncertainties of the infinitely small with our perception of the world.

Carlo Rovelli is a physicist specializing in quantum loop gravity, a theory that aims to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics in a single conceptual framework. He is also a talented popularizer who has already written several successful books. In his new book, Helgoland, he presents his thoughts on quantum mechanics.

LE FIGARO.- How can philosophy help us better understand quantum mechanics?

Carlo ROVELLI.- Science is not separate from the rest of our culture. What makes a culture so rich is, on the contrary, the permanent dialogue which exists between disciplines and which changes our vision of the world. When we look at the history of science, we see a constant back and forth. There would not have been the physics of Newton without the philosophy of Descartes. But there would not have been Cartesian thought without the Copernican revolution before that, and so on. Great philosophical ideas make it possible to advance

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