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Carve out and carve the road: with the pandemic, the car is taking its revenge

They are finally back in their ” flagship “. Not to reach the planet Mars – Nina, Antoine and their two children left this privilege to NASA’s Perseverance six-wheeler – but, more modestly, to join the countryside on the outskirts of the suburbs, in their Peugeot 308 station wagon. It was last May, at the first deconfinement, when travel was authorized up to 100 km from home.

“I had only one desire, it was to leave, remembers Nina, take the car all four, carve and cut the road. “ As for Laurent and Caroline, if they usually go to their house in Vendée by TGV last summer and at Christmas, they preferred the car. Don’t want to travel with a mask, “Respect barrier gestures”, nor to take the risk of being contaminated. And too bad for the carbon footprint.

However, from the start of the pandemic, the SNCF was not unworthy, stepping up the cleaning of its wagons and controlling its passengers. Waste of time, the travelers shunned the train. As for professionals, they no longer travel. No more business trips and meetings at the company’s headquarters, meetings are now on video and the only seat in sight is the chair in front of the computer.

As for the work-home journey, 75% of workers made it by car last September against 72% before the pandemic, according to an Ifop survey for Alphabet, specialist in long-term vehicle rental. An evolution that has come to contradict all

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