Case of “eavesdropping”: “I do not recognize any of these infamies”, defends Nicolas Sarkozy at the hearing

Imagine at the helm a former high magistrate of the Court of Cassation, one of the greatest criminal lawyers in France and therefore, for the first time in the judicial history of the Fifth Republic, a former head of state. The trial says “listening” implicating Nicolas Sarkozy resumed Monday, November 30, after a week of suspension, at the Paris Criminal Court.

Each in turn, Gilbert Azibert with his FFP2 mask, Thierry Herzog, hands behind his back, without his lawyer dress, and finally Nicolas Sarkozy, hands crossed in front of him, listen to the president of the court read the alleged offenses: “corruption” , “influence peddling”, “violation of professional secrecy” … The former president stamps his feet, before the president gives him the floor. “I know the formal nature of this presentation, emphasizes Nicolas Sarkozy, lawyer by training. But I do not recognize any of these infamies with which I have been pursued for six years! ” The tone is set, Nicolas Sarkozy fully intends to participate actively in his trial.

Monday’s hearing was devoted to the “shelling” of the methods of the national financial prosecutor’s office in this case by defense lawyers. Jacqueline Laffont carries the shock first. “I have the honor to defend Nicolas Sarkozy, starts the penalist, I defend a man, a litigant. “

In this case, the rights of the defense have been violated, trampled. “

Me Jacqueline Laffont, lawyer for Nicolas Sarkozy

What she denounces, it is in particular the famous hidden investigation of the PNF, in parallel with the instruction. An investigation which ended after six years with these words, which Jacqueline Laffont makes project to the hearing: “Insufficiently characterized offense”. “Is it acceptable that this investigation has been hidden from us all this time, while we were asking for it?, does she rebel? If it hadn’t been hidden, I think we wouldn’t be in front of you. This investigation is a task for justice. “

For several hours, the defense succeeds to request the annulment of the whole procedure. The national financial prosecutor’s office responds to him in less than half an hour, visibly embarrassed by the entournements: “This is not a cover-up ploy but a plot that you are describing.” Unsurprisingly, the PNF asks that the nullities be judged inadmissible, but still slips these words: “Some of the defense criticisms are legitimate.”

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