CDiscount: fine of nearly one million euros for breaches of consumer information

The e-commerce giant CDiscount has been sanctioned with a fine of nearly one million euros by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) of Gironde for breaches in terms of consumer information, has t – we learned on Monday February 22.

The Gironde DDPP issued at the end of 2020 this “administrative fine of 986,432 euros” against CDiscount, “for lack of a compliant order summary concerning the Cdiscount at will subscription”, according to the announcement published on Monday on the website of the Directorate of Fraud (DGCCRF), and revealed by the daily South West.

The fine relates to a one-year subscription allowing Internet users to have free delivery costs. A formula was paying from the outset, at a price of 29 euros, and allowed Internet users to have a summary of their orders. But another formula, an offer for a free trial period for the same service and which became chargeable after six days in case of non-withdrawal, did not provide consumers with a summary of their orders, he explains. we at the DDPP.

The investigation, which was conducted following consumer complaints, identified 988,432 incidences of the absence of an order summary – hence the amount of the fine – over a period from May 2018 to October 2019. The complaints were centralized and carried out in Gironde, which is home to CDiscount’s head office.

Asked by AFP, CDiscount, a subsidiary of the Casino group, said to have “noted” of the decision of the DDPP de la Gironde relating to a “faulty order summary” in connection with the subscription of “Cdiscount at will” subscriptions. The group indicates “formally contest this decision both on its basis and on its amount, exhaustive information throughout the purchase process being fully respected”. CDiscount adds that it filed an appeal with the administrative court in December “to assert its position”.

CDiscount nevertheless assured that the DDPP had not identified nearly a million cases of breaches, but, to calculate the amount of the fine, “chose to generalize the findings made on [une] ten cases to all subscriptions taken out during the period “.

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