Champions League: PSG and Kiel leave in a draw after a match delayed following the accidental fall of a spectator in the stands

After this draw (30-30), the place in the Final Four will be played in Germany during the return match, in a week.

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The Parisians are doing well. Led throughout the meeting by the German club Kiel, PSG were able to turn their backs and come back at the very end of the match to snatch the draw (30-30) in their Coubertin hall, Wednesday May 11 in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League. Twelve times, the Parisians returned to equality in this match, taking control only once, during the first goal of the match. Everything will therefore be played across the Rhine, next Thursday on a dry match in a way. The winner will see Cologne on June 18 and 19 for the Final Four.

At home the Germans will start as favourites, especially since they are the ones who dominated the match in a physical confrontation at all times. The Parisians relied on their two safe bets of the moment, left-back Nedim Remili and pivot Kamil Syprzak, authors of half of PSG’s goals between them. The capital club has been chasing the Champions League since the takeover by Qatar in 2012.

The other highlight of the evening was extra-sporting. The start of the match had to be postponed by 15 minutes, following the accidental fall of a supporter from a stand on two photographers placed below.

The club’s medical staff had to intervene to assist the three injured who were taken to hospital. Their vital prognosis is not engaged according to AFP.

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