Chanakya Niti: If you want to achieve success in life, then tie this knot of Chanakya

Chanakya Niti in Hindi, Motivation Thought, Chanakya Niti in Hindi : Chanakya Niti says that human life is priceless. If you want to make this life successful and meaningful, then some things should always be kept in mind. According to Acharya Chanakya, success in life depends on diligence, strategy and time management. There is one more thing with this, which is very important to take care of. If you do not do this, then success turns away from you.

Mansa chintitam work vachasa na prakayat.
Mantrena rakshayed gudham karyam chapi niyojayet..

The meaning of this verse of Chanakya Niti is that do not reveal the work conceived in the mind to anyone, but contemplating protecting it and bringing it to the end.

This saying of Chanakya holds special significance for those people who want to achieve great success in life. Great success comes only when a person pays special attention to every point. Because a small mistake can spoil all your hard work. When a person is close to success and there is a mistake, then the hard work goes in vain. Therefore, if you are moving ahead with a big goal in mind, then this aspect of Chanakya’s policy should be kept in mind.

don’t share strategy
Looking at today’s environment, this thing of Chanakya feels strong. If the enemy or opponent comes to know about your plan, then they can try to obstruct it. Therefore special care should be taken while sharing your strategy and plan. Because a small carelessness of yours can cause big damage. Therefore, until the work is not completed, your plan should not be told. It is wise to keep it a secret. This saying of Chanakya can bring success in every competition of job, business and every life.

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