Chanakya Niti: The formula for topping students is hidden in these precious things of Chanakya

Chanakya Niti, Motivation Thought in Hindi : According to Chanakya Niti, student life is very important. The foundation stone for the success of life is prepared during the student period. From here the direction and condition of future career is decided. Chanakya was a qualified teacher in his own right and was related to the world famous Takshashila University of his time. That is why he is also known as Acharya Chanakya.

Chanakya has told some important things for the students in his famous Chanakya Niti. Every student should know and understand these things. Let us know these things-

Dicipline- Chanakya Niti says that discipline has special importance for students. Students who adopt a disciplined lifestyle do not have to struggle much to achieve success. Such students achieve their goals very easily. The spirit of discipline makes one aware of the importance of time. Timing is very important in success. One who takes care of time, completes his work within time.

laziness- Chanakya Niti says that the biggest enemy of students is laziness. The goal can be achieved only by staying away from it. The student who postpones today’s work for tomorrow is always away from the goal. Laziness also increases many other demerits.

wrong association- Chanakya Niti says that one should stay away from wrong company in student life. Loss always comes from wrong company. Wrong company is the biggest obstacle to success. Sometimes humiliation and troubles have to be faced due to wrong company.

Intoxication- Chanakya Niti says that student life is priceless. It should not be spoiled by bad things. Students should stay away from drugs etc. It destroys body, mind and wealth. Its habit takes away from success. There is a decrease in respect and many problems have to be faced.


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