Chanakya Policy: Continuous struggle for the goal is necessary, luck gives opportunity

The idea of ​​Acharya Chanakya gives success to the same person who is not afraid of failures. On the other hand, those who blame their destiny are weak in the absence of success. Such people yearn to taste the taste of success.

Acharya says that when success is not achieved even after repeated efforts, one should concentrate on the strategy of doing that work instead of blaming fate. After all, what is the reason for not getting the desired success. Due to weak strategy, the person is deprived of success.

Age: Karma ch vidya f financein demisemev ch.
Panchoutani Vilikhyante garbhasthasayeeva dehinah॥

It is very important to have strong confidence for success. According to Chanakya, war is won not only with weapons but also with confidence. Countries whose soldiers have strong confidence have the power to defeat the enemy even with limited resources. History is replete with such examples. It is very important for a person to be confident for success. Luck also supports those whose confidence is strong.


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