Chandra Grahan 2020: How many hours will the lunar eclipse of November 30 start, for how many hours? Know full details

The last lunar eclipse of the year 2020 is going to take place on 30th November, the day of Kartik Purnima. Although there were to be 6 eclipses this year, but this will be the third. It is said that people can see this lunar eclipse with open eyes. Let me tell you, on the 30th of November, the eclipse will start from 1.04 pm and will be 5.22 minutes.

Let us know some special things related to it

The lunar eclipse that is going to be held on November 30 will be seen in some countries of Asia. This lunar eclipse will be seen in America, as well as Yr in the Pacific Ocean, including Australia.

According to astrologers, this time the period of lunar eclipse will not be valid. It is believed that this is a shadow lunar eclipse. In the lunar eclipse, the sutak period takes 9 hours before the sutak period ends with the end of the eclipse.

Let us now know what precautions we need to take, during this time, remember these things are not according to science but according to custom.

1- First thing, do not forget to touch the idol of God during the lunar eclipse. Is considered inauspicious.

2- Close the doors of the temples in the house so that there will be no impact of the eclipse on God.

3- Pregnant women should not get out of the house during this period.

4- It is considered inauspicious not to forget nails and hair, even at the time of eclipse.

5- At the same time, neither eat nor cook anything during this entire time.

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