Chapati Noodles: Give veg chapati noodles to children in lunch, the lunch box will be cleaned

Vegetable Chapati Noodles Recipe:If you are also worried about your child’s healthy diet, then today’s recipe is for them. Yes, the recipe that we are telling you today, you can feed them to children without tension. Because it is not only healthy but also a recipe made from your leftover rotis. In this recipe, you can use left over rotis from home, which you do not even have to throw away.

Children will especially like this recipe very much. The name of this recipe is Veg Chapati Noodles. Yes, the green vegetables falling in it make this dish completely healthy. Different types of sauces are added to it, due to which children like it very much. The best thing is that if elders also replace this healthy noodles instead of maida, then it will be better for your health. So let’s know the recipe of Veg Chapati Noodles.

Ingredients for Veg Chapati Noodles
Chapati 2
Carrot 1
Cabbage chopped
garlic 4
Tomato Ketchup 2 tbsp
Refined oil 2 tbsp
onion 2
Tomatoes 1 cup chopped
Green capsicum 1 cup chopped
soy sauce 1 tsp
Black pepper powder 1 tsp
Green Onion 2 tbsp

How to make Veg Chapati Noodles
First of all, roll the roti and cut it lengthwise. When you open it, it will look like noodles. Now keep it aside. And put a pan and heat it. Put oil in it and let it heat up. Now add garlic and onion and fry it for some time. Now put all the vegetables in it and stir it and fry for a while. Now put all the sauce in it and toss it slowly by adding black, salt. Now put the chopped rotis in it and coat the sauce. Now sprinkle green onions on it and serve hot to the kids. If you want, you can also add cheese after grading it.

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