Charlot vs. Trump

The day before last night, I had planned to spend the evening with Charlie Chaplin, making me happy to watch the documentary by Yves Jeuland and Fançois Aymé which told his life story. In the meantime, I went for a ride on BFM, to hear about the demonstration organized by the maniac of the White House while the session of validation of the election of Joe Biden was taking place on the Capitol. That’s how I came across Trump’s mind-blowing speech calling for the overthrow of democracy, and the no less mind-blowing images of the Capitol invasion by his white-hot supporters. I then asked myself what I was going to choose: continue to follow this incredible moment live, or watch Charlot? I chose Charlot. And I did really well. Because Charlot is the most perfect antidote to the delusions of Trump and his worshipers. On the one hand, a grotesque clown, a child of reality TV, a dangerous puppet, advocating hatred, fanaticism, intolerance, stoking deadly populism. On the other hand, Charlot, born in misery in London, emigrated to the United States, inventing his character of vagabond defending, through laughter and poetry, the dignity of the humiliated and the offended. Fighting, both through his positions and through his films, against hatred, fanaticism and intolerance. And who will be ostracized from America’s most racist, most extremist, that of McCarthyism. Come on, all for Charlot!


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