Chevaline slaughter: the crime scene closed for new investigations, nine years after the facts

“There are still investigators working on it, but there are currently no developments in this affair”, specifies the procureure of the Republic ofAnnecy.

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Nine years after the events, the area where the quadruple murder of Chevaline (Haute-Savoie) took place will be cordoned off Thursday, September 30. The crime scene will be frozen in the afternoon for several hours by the research section of the gendarmerie for new investigations, a judicial source reports to France Televisions. Traffic will be cut off by municipal decree. “This is a classic investigative act, it’s not tied to new twists and you don’t expect to uncover particular things. It’s a trip just to check certain things. “, commented to France 3 Line Bonnet-Mathis, public prosecutor of Annecy.

On September 5, 2012, a 50-year-old Briton of Iraqi origin, Saad al-Hilli, his wife and his mother-in-law were found dead, with several bullets in the head, in their car on a country road near Chevaline. , not far from Lake Annecy. A young girl in the couple was seriously injured, while her little sister was found unharmed, curled up under her mother’s legs. A cyclist from the region, a probable collateral victim, was also shot dead. “There are still investigators working on it, but so far there are no developments in this matter”, specifies Line Bonnet-Mathis.

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