“China, the great predator” by Pierre-Antoine Donnet: how the Chinese regime coldly betrayed the world

“I thought that at the end of the day, I had no choice but to add my voice to the already numerous voices that today bear witness to a China that has become, in many ways, terrifying. ” From the introduction of his book on China, the big predator(1), Pierre-Antoine Donnet sets the tone. Despite his love and passion for China, which he has observed for more than three decades, this former Beijing correspondent for Agence France-Presse did not write an ode to “Eternal China”, his unique civilization. and its millennial culture … He would surely have preferred, but, for him, “The current situation in this country is an incandescent tear”.

Pierre-Antoine Donnet draws up a terrifying assessment of the Chinese regime

Nevertheless, in this book, this professional journalist does not settle any account with China. “The facts, nothing but the facts”, he insists. And over the hundreds of pages of an in-depth and very detailed investigation, fed by dozens of testimonies from the greatest specialists, journalists, academics, diplomats … Pierre-Antoine Donnet draws up an agonizing assessment of the current Chinese regime which represents a challenge for the world and which threatens the most fundamental values ​​on which our democracies are founded. The outcome, surgical, is merciless.

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China tramples on human rights, oppresses its 2.0-controlled population, sends over a million Uyghurs to camps, crushes Hong Kongers, not to mention Tibetans who pioneered China’s land strategy burnt. Well beyond its borders, continues Pierre-Antoine Donnet, the “China is shaking up planet Earth” by polluting the atmosphere, land and rivers, at home and on other continents, for its own benefit.

Second world power, China has methodically stolen and stolen for decades the advanced technologies of Western powers, half-naive and half-accomplices. Finally, in order not to forget why the entire planet today is the victim of a pandemic due to the coronavirus, it is clearly recalled that it is the Chinese political system which is responsible for it. A system based on censorship, lies and manipulation.

China deceived the world

Page after page, disarray seizes you. How did we get there? How did China manage to carry out the biggest heist in contemporary history before our eyes, without anyone, or very few, alerting the world to the danger? This fundamental book offers us enlightening answers and also makes us understand that nothing is lost. Despite a general dramatic tone, Pierre-Antoine Donnet still believes that ” nothing is lost “.

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Of course, China has deceived everyone and betrayed its original commitments to the planet, but the author is convinced that it will one day have to be held to account. ” Ultimately “, he wrote in a magnificent conclusion, “The truth will triumph over lies, and the light of darkness”. A book of deep conviction. Essential.


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