China will try to land on Mars

DECRYPTION – Orbiter Tianwen-1 could drop its lander on Friday night for a high-risk atmospheric re-entry.

After the Soviet Union and the United States, will China become the 3rd power to gently land on Martian soil? This is the whole point of the attempt which could take place overnight from Friday to Saturday, according to some knowledgeable observers of the Chinese space program. After successfully entering orbit on February 10, the Tianwen-1 spacecraft (literally, “Question in the sky-1”) could indeed drop its landing capsule tomorrow evening. This is what Ye Peijian, a senior Chinese official in the interplanetary exploration program, reportedly said at a conference on Wednesday. The information filtered (before being deleted) on Weibo (the Chinese microblogging social network), then on Twitter, without having been officially confirmed.

The announced landing time (1:11 a.m.) would in any case be perfectly compatible with the forecasts of passionate radio amateurs who manage to follow the trajectory of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft from Earth.

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