Choose a unique and cute name for your daughter, see the list here

Baby Girl Name List : The birth of a daughter in the house brings a lot of happiness and with her birth comes the tension as to how to name her because it is a big task that the name of the daughter is good and the meaning is also good, we have brought the names of the girls. A good list of from which you can choose a cute name for your princess.

1- Avika- That which is very rare, wonderful and wonderful. A rare diamond.

2- Bhuvi- If you want to keep the name of your daughter associated with God, then Bhuvi can be a good option which means angel.

3- Vaijanti- A famous Bollywood actress whose name means garland of Lord Vishnu.

4- Visibility- that is worth seeing.

5- Ekvira- This is a very unique name which means daughter of Lord Shankar.

6- Ishani- There is also a name of Parvati ji, Ishani, which is unique as well as very meaningful.

7- successful- If your daughter’s name is derived from ‘Y’ then Yashvi can be a good option which means to bring fame, fame and good fortune in life.

8- Zara- This name, which became famous from the Veer-Zaara picture, is quite cute and people like it a lot. Zara means morning light.

9- Utkarsh- This is a very cute name which means full of energy.

10- Nidhyana- This name is rarely heard, which means quite simple and natural.

11- Holy- This name is very popular in serials nowadays, which means completely pure.

12- Chandana- The word Chandana is derived from sandalwood which means an aromatic wood.

13- Minal- A very difficult gem to get is called Meenal.

14- Voice- Your daughter can also have a cute name Vani which means voice.

15-star- You can also name the daughter who brings light in your life as Tara which means a shining star.

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