Christiane Taubira wins the popular Primary: “one more candidacy”, just “an indication” or the sign of “legitimacy”, react the left-wing parties

After the victory of Christiane Taubira in the Popular Primary, Sunday January 30, the president of the Radical Left Party (PRG) and support of the former Minister of Justice, Guillaume Lacroix, affirms on franceinfo that “everything starts for the union of the left, to make it possible”. The former Minister of Justice, candidate for the presidential election, is ahead of Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“There isn’t a left-wing party, there isn’t a left-wing leader, there isn’t a left-wing activist who can’t look at 400,000 voters without telling himself that what’s going on is really something.”

Guillaume Lacroix, President of the Radical Left Party

at franceinfo

Guillaume Lacroix believes, however, that the various candidates are “legitimate” to continue their campaign. “They weren’t going to cut it all off for a popular Primary they didn’t want.” But now according to him, the campaign “enters a new phase” with “citizen legitimacy which must be added to militant legitimacies, which must be added to the legitimacy of elected officials”.

For the President of the PRG, “the emergency” is not “to have a Taubira ballot on April 10 on the voting table”, but rather to have “a bulletin from the left that takes you to the Elysée”. “There is always a possible coalition to build with ecologists and socialists”, defends Guillaume Lacroix.

“We are not” to the union desired by Christiane Taubira, replies EELV deputy David Cormand, on franceinfo. “Frankly, we are not there yet. Yannick Jadot was not a candidate for this primary. The fact that he came second is a good score, I am quite happy. Afterwards, the fact that Christiane Taubira won a primary made for her is quite natural.”

“The problem is that the purpose of this primary was to reduce the number of candidates from the left, and there is one more.”

David Cormand, EELV MEP

at franceinfo

David Cormand also judges calls for “The union”, launched by Christiane Taubira, not very relevant: “The left, when it won the presidential elections, it was not particularly united. […] There is a starting postulate which is to say that the left would be weak because it is divided. However, my conviction is that the left is divided because it is weak”.

“People no longer want to vote socialist. They were disgusted with the mandate of François Hollande and they will not vote Christiane Taubira”, tackle the environmentalist.

In the socialist camp precisely, Mathieu Klein, campaign spokesperson for Anne Hidalgo, believes that the popular primary “is an indication but certainly not a decision that brings about changes in the campaign” of the PS presidential candidate.

The mayor of Nancy recalls that Anne Hidalgo had been the first, in December, a left-wing candidate to come out in favor of the organization of a primary and “to call on everyone on the left and among ecologists, those who want to govern together, to come together, to make the citizens decide”. The mayor of Paris later changed her mind after Yannick Jadot refused to participate in the citizen initiative. According to Mathieu Klein, it would have been “a real democratic moment in which the French could have largely participated”.

The fact that Anne Hidalgo came fifth out of seven candidates has no meaning for Hélène Geoffroy, social mayorVaulx-en-Velin list and member of the PS candidate’s campaign team: “We do not know the electorate who voted. Who are those who registered? What did they base themselves on to give this note?” According to her, the popular Primary “did not allow the explanation of the programs of each other.”

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