“Christmas entrusts light to the depths of our humanity” declares Bishop Giraud

In these long winter days, under a thick cloak of clouds as in the fleeting hours that separate one night from the next, we scan the sky in search of light. It is no longer even a matter of finding a guarantee for us “a place in the sun”… but well, only, of begging for those few moments during which the darkness could dissipate. By experiencing this physical necessity, we are tacitly approaching a spiritual reality. But can our bodies so long immersed in the waters of baptism, our eyes already so dazzled by faith, our hearts that we believe consumed by the love of Christ, can they still be sensitive enough to the true light? Isn’t the Christian requirement, however, to constantly return to what originates in our being and our Christian action?

This is what each new liturgical cycle can offer us. After leading us from birth until the death and resurrection of Christ, he guides us in paschal joy until Pentecost. The vessel of the Church inflates its sail there under the breath of the Holy Spirit the better to risk itself with him on human roads, until the glorious return of Christ, of whom we celebrate, to close our march, a kingship which overturns appearances. and overturn our codes. Now, from the first light of Advent to the dazzling majesty of Christ King of the universe, our faces are indeed invited to turn to the true light.

The night of Christ’s birth is certainly one of the most explicit signs of this. And if our eyes remain blinded, our ears hear the explanation that even the humblest shepherds could understand: Jesus Christ, Light born of Light, shines from a simple manger where he was placed. Far from political or media demonstrations, but confusing our too easily established patterns, God shows us that it is no longer in a distant sky that we will find the true light that gives meaning to our lives, but here below, and in the world. love of neighbor that the child of Bethlehem came to give to humanity as a new commandment.

So how can we be afraid to “start from the bottom”, as the Holy Father Francis invited us to do? It is by starting from the victims that the Church can hope to become again faithful to a message that she was able to betray through the innocence of children entrusted to her; it is by walking with all and at the same step, in a truly synodal process, that she can hope to adopt a just Christian attitude; it is simply by measuring all that brings together so many Christians, men and women of good will, in the depth of the same faith, the warmth of the same hope, the ardor of the same charity, that she can claim to continue her mission to restore taste to this world. Christmas entrusts the light to the depths of our humanity the better to raise it towards the infinity of God to whom it is called.


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