Christmas: ideas for action

♦ Give a gift to strangers

Of course, we all look forward to unwrapping the presents hidden under the tree. But that’s not the only pleasure. There is also that of offering … giving a present, feeling your heart accelerate, being happy to see a face light up.

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This year, Bayard Jeunesse and the French Red Cross launched the Solidarity boxes operation, offering children and their parents a gift (a warm item of clothing, a drawing, a food product, etc.) in a package to bring joy to the most disadvantaged… Everyone is free to decorate the packaging! Solidarity boxes are to be deposited until January 8, 2022 in the branches of the Red Cross, everywhere in France.

♦ Decorate the table naturally

Christmas: ideas for action

What could be more beautiful and joyful than nature to adorn a Christmas table? To make a pretty candle holder, you just need to fill an empty glass bottle with water, slide a fir branch into it, then insert a candle into the neck. To bathe the table in an orange light, glue autumn leaves to the side of a glass jar, and place a candle on it.

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Finally, pine cones make excellent elves, once you’ve attached a felt ball as a head, and a square of felt hat sewn on. With branches and pieces of wood, let your imagination run wild: this free and environmentally friendly decoration will also delight children during a DIY workshop.

♦ Dare to present second-hand

Christmas: ideas for action

To appeal to children, does a toy have to be brand new? No, replies Rejouons solidaires, a network of six structures spread across France which offers second-hand toys for sale in stores, in which good condition is guaranteed.

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People in a precarious situation carefully collected, sorted and cleaned them before they were presented to other relatives in the Carijou (Grand Est), Enjoué (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Recycl’jouets (Hauts- de-France), Joujou (Pays de la Loire), Ti Toys (Brittany) or even Rejoué (Île-de-France). You will find board games, construction games, imitation games, figurines, vehicles, dolls and infants. So much for the little ones. For adults, a thousand other second-hand and quality gifts await you on the resource center site.

♦ Reuse your papers

Christmas: ideas for action

Do you know the furoshiki ? This delicate name designates a learned technique of folding and knotting that appeared in Japan in the 8th century.e century, which makes it possible to wrap gifts in an elegant, practical and above all ecological way.

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To make a furoshiki, nothing could be simpler: take a square piece of fabric and choose the technique best suited to the shape of the package: “classic” for wrapping almost everything, “crossed-turned” for a small gift, “flower” for a square box. In a video tutorial, the site teaches us the basics of this very chic folding. Once his presents are unwrapped, the lucky recipient will be able to use the furoshiki for his own gifts.

♦ Eliminate loneliness during the holidays

Christmas: ideas for action

So that Christmas is a moment of joy shared with all, and especially with isolated people, the little brothers of the Poor deliver a precious tool: the kit for solitude hunters. Inside, a poster to stick in his building, a coloring map and specific advice.

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Once an isolated elderly person has been identified in the entourage thanks to the poster, arrange a meeting with them, the colored card under the arm will serve as a pretext for the conversation. The association also suggests inviting an elder for the New Year’s Eve meal, going to offer him our extra portions of the feast and taking the opportunity to exchange a few words. And to overcome shyness, the Little Brothers of the Poor have suggested some ideas for questions to ask!

♦ Support agroecological farms

Christmas: ideas for action

Sometimes, wandering the shelves of stores in the hope of finding a gift idea is a waste of time … If the recipient is involved in solidarity and responsible projects, consider offering a share of investment in the foncière Fermes En ViE (Feve), which supports farmers wishing to create a sustainable farm. Feve has launched a call for investment of a minimum value of € 100 for the end of the year celebrations. This social and solidarity economy enterprise (ESS) identifies farms to be taken over, buys them thanks to crowdfunding, then facilitates the installation of project leaders who do not have sufficient capital to buy back agricultural land. It allows them to start their farm despite everything, with agroecological practices.


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