Church promises to regain credibility in today’s world.

I read with great interest the article devoted to Church Promises in the October 16 edition. But one passage unpleasantly surprised me: “Some even want to continue expanding the group, on the basis of the charter, as an active member who plans to integrate“ more traditional ”trends. For its part, the Catholic Conference of Baptized Francophones (CCBF), more protesting, was not solicited. “ This last sentence is perfectly contradictory: how to think that it is “On his side” – which supposes an initiative on his part – that it was not solicited – which supposes an initiative of Church Promises.

This grammatical inconsistency highlights what seems to me to be a point of blindness of the members, this strong refusal to keep a “More protesting Catholicism”, whereas we can be more indulgent for ultra-conservative positions.

This is not a detail remark! Making the CCBF responsible, because it is what it is, because it is not considered worthy of representing a face of the Church, is a curious way of thinking about openness.

Patrick rödel

I am one of the Christians awaiting an evolution of the Church and I have been interested in the work undertaken for a very long time by the CCBF (Catholic Conference of Baptized Francophones).

I welcomed with interest the article of October 16 announcing the gathering of some forty movements committed to reflect on an ecclesial transformation and respond to the pope’s call. It is a question of including currents “More traditional” but not progressive like the CCBF. This poses a real question on the opening of these movements and of the Church to a profound questioning which it cannot do without in order to regain credibility in today’s world. It’s too bad !

Marielle Vincenot


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