Climate: for the Environmental Authority, “the ecological transition has not begun in France”

This is the observation drawn up by the president, Philippe Ledenvic, with the “World”.

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While Emmanuel Macron wishes to accelerate the ecological transition, with a Prime Minister in charge of ecological planning, the president of the Environmental Authority draws up a severe assessment of the current situation in France. “The ecological transition has not begun in France”judge in an article of the World (article subscribers) the head of this administrative authority, who renders advisory opinions.

The Environmental Authority is made up of a college of experts who provide independent advice on planning issues, such as rail, road and port infrastructure. In its annual report (PDF), published Thursday, May 5, the body “notes, in these cases, a worrying gap between the objectives set in the medium and long term, the ambitions displayed to achieve them and the actions supposed to translate them”. “If we do not anticipate it, the planetary limits and the effects of their overstepping will impose themselves relentlessly”she warns.

“While the health crisis has revealed and could have led to a review of models that are out of breath, the same programs, the same funding, the same projects which will, for the most part, have irreversible consequences on
one or more decades are invariably presented”observes the Environmental Authority. “Conservatism or economic interests, the brakes leading to immobility are numerous”she writes, considering that “some decisions are even regressions”.

On the energy side, for example, it comes under the “very offbeat answers
relative to the trajectory ‘carbon 2050’. On the water, she judges that “the objectives of good water status of the WFD [directive-cadre sur l’eau] will not be reached in 2027″.

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