Climate: Ginko, the eco-district of Bordeaux has matured

Under the midday sun, the inhabitants of Ginko stroll or bask in the sun in its pedestrianized and vegetated alleys and near the valleys, bodies of water regulating rainwater and refreshing the atmosphere.

Since 2011, this district grows on the banks of Lake Bordeaux between the HLM city of Aubiers, the Grand Stade and the Auchan shopping center. Almost 8,000 people already live in this cluster of nine-storey buildings and pavilions. 10,000 are expected when all 3,000 homes are delivered.

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The equipment has arrived gradually: a church, two schools, a gymnasium, a senior residence… At Cœur Ginko, an open-air shopping center that has recently come into service, Annick, who came from Paris last year, finishes her shopping at the brand new market outdoors : “This corresponds to what we wanted: green, shops, quality of life”, she rejoices.

Public transport

“Ginko was built from the start in an area that was to be served by public transport thanks to the extension of line C of the tram, underlines Benjamin Nguyen Huu, planning director of UrbanEra, a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier which is building this private concerted development zone (ZAC). Hence the choice, despite the proximity of the ring road, to leave a small place for the car: 1.3 places on average per accommodation, whereas at the time, two were planned. “

President of the association of residents of the eco-district, Isabelle Bertin greets “This very avant-garde option”. “Except that, when the parents work outside the city center of Bordeaux, in Pessac or Mérignac, both must have a car …”, she emphasizes. A point that the City is trying to resolve by pooling the neighborhood car parks.

Green showcase

At the origin of the project, the former mayor Alain Juppé wanted to make Ginko a green showcase for his city. It’s a success: the eco-district is one of the 87 operations with the highest ranking in France. He ticks several boxes for this: social mix (35% social housing, plus a share in social home ownership, for about half of real estate on the free market) and functional (near tertiary and industrial employment centers ), low-energy buildings, etc.

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Bouygues wants to continue in this direction with its last island, dedicated “Frugal Bordeaux building”, a label created by the new ecological municipality to promote low-carbon construction, with local and bio-based materials.

Wood heating

“Ginko has made a strong bet on greening and welcoming public spaces, underlines Eric Aufaure, coordinator of the energy transition pole at Ademe Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This makes vertical constructions and density more acceptable to residents. “

Another decisive point: the heating network (and cooling for shops), connected to a central boiler room supplied mainly with locally sourced wood. “An asset in the face of soaring gas and electricity prices, insists Eric Aufaure. Especially since the accommodation is well insulated. “ Pascal, a resident, pays € 500 per year for heating, half as much as in his previous all-electric home.

Vincent Maurin, deputy mayor of the Bordeaux-Maritime district, is delighted that the heating network will soon be extended to Aubiers: “This will allow the two districts to live together around energy issues. Because the challenge of bringing together a 100% social housing district remains unresolved. The opening of the college in Ginko at the start of the next school year will contribute to this. “

Two black dots

A time much criticized for the poor workmanship of its housing, the eco-district however benefits, according to the elected Communist, “A good image among its inhabitants, as a study by the Bordeaux Aquitaine urban planning agency, a’urba, in 2018 underlined”.

“With two reservations: security issues, not specific to Ginko, and waste collection, not optimal”, he admits. The underground bins, chosen for ecological reasons to encourage sorting, have been enlarged. Residents are now hoping for the arrival of missing public services, including a post office.


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