Climate: in Europe, more rain in the north and more droughts in the south

The latest IPCC report details the changes at the level of climatic regions.

While the previous reports of the IPCC (intergovernmental group of experts on climate change) summarized global warming, the last report published on Monday gains in precision, and this time details changes at the level of the planet. scale of climatic regions. This gain in finesse is partly due to new regional climate models, which no longer simulate the evolution of the entire planet, but of a smaller area, such as Europe for example, with a finer resolution, of the around ten kilometers. “For the first time, we have detailed each type of climate hazard for each of the 57 regions of the planet”, explains Robert Vautard, climatologist and director of the Pierre-Simon-Laplace Institute, which participated in the analysis of the effects of regional warming in the IPCC report. “The aim is to provide data that should be useful for adaptation efforts in each region.”

For the four regions

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