Climate: in Glasgow, a COP26 for nothing?

DECRYPTION – The 26th edition of the international high mass in the fight against climate change meets from October 31 to November 12 in Scotland. Without much hope of concrete results.

Traditionally, the weeks leading up to the COP – for the Conference of Stakeholders to the UN Convention on Climate Change – have seen wonderful announcements bloom. This 26th edition of the COP, which begins on October 31 in Glasgow, is no exception to the rule.

China presented on September 22 a plan to achieve carbon neutrality, in other words to absorb as much carbon as it emits, by 2060. For the country responsible for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions and which weighs for more than 54% of the world coal consumption, it is a very big leap forward! On October 13, Russia, the world’s second largest oil producer, followed suit, followed on October 23 by Saudi Arabia, the third largest oil producer.

Agreement on methane reductions

In April, the United States, first in the ranking because of shale gas and the second largest polluters in the world (14.5% of CO2 emissions), also made a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality.

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