Climate law: after planes, the government wants to ban advertising boats

The amendment, tabled by the government, was rejected by senators during the first reading of the climate law.

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After the planes pulling banners, the government said on Tuesday (June 15th) that it also wanted to ban boats used near beaches to carry advertising messages. A government amendment to this effect was presented during the first reading of the bill. “climate and resilience” by the Senate.

Environment Minister Barbara Pompili, who defended the text in front of senators, wished to move towards a “global preservation of beaches” against this type of advertising, citing the fact that “holidaymakers have the right to a little peace”. “We do not prohibit advertising by air son the beaches so that she can come back by boat “, she said.

The government amendment, however, only targets commercial advertisements, de facto sparing advertisements “for sporting events, nautical in particular”, what could these ships carry, specified the minister.

Rejected by the senators, it could be put back on the carpet during the debates at second reading in the National Assembly, which has the last word in legislative matters. The ban from next year on advertising planes, approved by the deputies at first reading, had also been rejected by the senators during the examination of the bill in committee.

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