Climate: record heat in Italy, with 48.8 degrees in Sicily

The country is currently experiencing its hottest week of the summer. Numerous fires broke out in Calabria and Sicily.

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A heat wave carried by the Lucifer anticyclone hit Italy this week, which recorded a temperature of 48.8 degrees on Wednesday August 11 in Sicily, in the Syracuse region.

The peninsula is currently facing its hottest week of summer, and if national meteorology confirms data from the Sicily region, it will be the highest temperature ever recorded in Italy. The previous record dated from 1999 with 48.5 degrees, already in Sicily.

In Calabria, the Italian tip of the Boot, and in Sicily, firefighters had to carry out 300 interventions in 12 hours, and seven Canadair have been mobilized since dawn, firefighters announced. The Madonie, a mountainous area near Palermo, have been besieged for several days by flames, fed by wind and heat, which destroy crops, homes and industrial buildings. In Calabria, flames threaten Aspromonte, which is part of the network of Unesco Global Geoparks.

In the coming days, the anticyclone is expected to move north, where temperatures could reach during the weekend of August 15 39 to 40 degrees in Tuscany and the Rome region.

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