Clotilde Courau, commitment at heart

PORTRAIT – Godmother of the Foundation for Medical Research, the actress intends to serve an often forgotten cause, that of psychiatric illnesses. A public health issue, especially in this period of health crisis.

A few years ago, an agency specializing in “image strategy” made an appointment with Clotilde Courau. These communication professionals then praise the many advantages and benefits that a personality can derive by committing to causes in order to boost a notoriety, flatter a reputation. But they also alert the actress: some fights are to be avoided, serving more than serving an image.

From this improbable and cynical meeting, the actress leaves at the time “hurt, shocked, disgusted ” by the words she has just heard. And by becoming this year the godmother of the prestigious Foundation for Medical Research (FRM), she is amused by the reaction that these so-called specialists would have had. Because if Clotilde Courau replied in the affirmative to the FRM’s proposal to engage, she imposed the subject of her engagement: research on psychiatric illnesses. “It is very courageous of him to speak out on this. There is a job

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