Compulsory anti-Covid-19 tests at the Franco-German border: we need “an exemption for border workers”, pleads a member of Moselle

While the 16,000 cross-border workers must show a negative Covid-19 PCR test every two days to cross the Franco-German border, LREM deputy from Moselle, Nicole Trisse, pleads on franceinfo for “a derogation for minimum cross-border workers”, in particular those who travel every day to go either to the Saar or to Rhineland-Palatinate, two German Länder which adjoin the Moselle. “The tests every 48 hours, it comes back quickly and it is true that it will hamper the movement of people, add strong constraints in the daily life of cross-border workers”, explains the member.

Nicole Trisse asks for an adjustment of the device: “Germany, which will soon be deconfining itself – it has still been confined since mid-December – must be frightened by the Moselle. But putting everyone under test every 48 hours, from concept to reality, it seems difficult applicable “, insists Nicole Trisse.

The German federal government has classified the Moselle department at level 3 but, which in principle means “an outright closure of borders”, indicates the deputy LREM. But the German authorities took into account certain economic realities: “Given the relationships we have in this cross-border basin, where you have frontier workers, binational couples and German families who live in France, French families who live in Germany … We do our shopping, we go to the doctor as if we were in a French department. Faced with this, Berlin agreed not to close the border “, explains Nicole Trisse.

The member for Moselle also points to the cost of carrying out these tests every two days. “Normally, there is talk of the German federal government offering antigenic tests at the places of employment of frontier workers since clearly, it is still a decision with measures that come from Berlin, considers the chosen one. But obviously, it does not happen like that, because as this measure was rapid, brutal and taken over the weekend, I have the impression that it is also a mess on the side of the German Länder. In fact, they’re just as bored as we are. “

As for the indulgence of the authorities, the deputy LREM of Moselle explains that the police checks will be “random”. “They should not be done at the border to avoid congestion, Germany assured us that this would be done within the borders of the country. (…) I think this is going to be inapplicable anyway and I hope the federal government will realize that at some point, things have to be relaxed. “, concludes Nicole Trisse.

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