Concussion: risks too often overlooked

DECRYPTION – The result of too violent movement of the skull, concussion can exist without head trauma, but its signs are unrecognized. However, studies in professional athletes show that it can have important consequences.

France lists more than 200,000 per year, and this figure is probably underestimated: at all ages, in professional sportsmen as well as in amateurs, concussion is possible but difficult to be identified, especially when it does not occur. ‘not accompanied by a head trauma. “The concussion is the consequence of a too violent movement of the skull, hard, inside which the brain, soft, undergoes a shaking generating neuronal and vascular lesions, explains the Pr Jean Chazal, retired neurosurgeon and author of This rugby that kills (Solar Éditions). Often there is confusion with head trauma. But there are also concussions without the skull receiving a direct shock. “

And with or without associated trauma, concussion is not trivial. Posted this Thursday in Brain Communications, the work of researchers at Imperial College London sheds light on this thorny question of brain damage suffered during a concussion. The authors have

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