Confinement: a shopkeeper from Haut-Rhin on hunger strike to denounce the closure of small businesses

A shopkeeper from Blotzheim (Haut-Rhin), manager of a women’s ready-to-wear brand which had to close, has started a hunger strike to denounce the injustice caused by the new confinement, reports Saturday, October 31, 2020 France Bleu Alsace.

Véronique Weingarten runs this ready-to-wear boutique with her mother near the Swiss border. She believes that this new confinement will endanger her business and is indignant at the difference in treatment with supermarkets. She started this action to alert the public authorities and elected officials. For her it is clear that we are going “towards the death of petty commerce”. She hopes to be heard “up there, in the government, up to Mr. Macron” she specifies.

This shopkeeper suggests that the President of the Republic come to her shop, to find that “all barrier measures are applied”. For her, “it is totally illogical and incomprehensible that supermarkets can sell shoes, leather goods, clothing, books”.

Véronique Weingarten has set up a tent in front of her shop to be present all day. She also placed a bed inside the store, near the main window, to spend the night there. She will be monitored daily by her attending physician so as not to endanger her health.

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