Confinement, a source of mental suffering for one in five French people

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The country’s psychiatric services have seen the wave rise in recent weeks.

21% of French people were depressed at the beginning of November. feliks szewczyk / pikselstock –

We are legitimately concerned about the influx into hospitals of patients with acute respiratory infections caused by Sars-CoV-2. But the Covid epidemic is also impacting the health of the French in another way, by plunging a growing proportion of our fellow citizens into a well of mental suffering. “For me, it is an epidemic which has an infectious component and a psychiatric component, which further broadens the spectrum of those affected”, summarizes the Pr Pierre-Michel Llorca, Director of Care at the FondaMental Foundation, who is participating in an international COH-FIT study.

According to the latest estimates from Public Health France (SPF), 21% of French people had a depressive state at the beginning of November (characterized by persistent sadness, gloomy thoughts, fatigue or the disappearance of usual desires and pleasures). This is almost double the 11% observed at the end of September, and about the same level as around April 20, at the heart of the first wave. The troubles

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