Consumption: subscription to the supermarket, a good plan?

A planed addition of 10% at each checkout, against a subscription of €10 per month. This promise of a permanent reduction, valid on all products in the store – even those discounted – Casino was the first to do so in June 2019. The group extended it to its Monoprix brand in September 2021.

Since January 2022, Carrefour has in turn been experimenting, in Rouen, with a subscription offer. For €6 a month, the brand entitles you to a 15% discount on 7,000 daily Carrefour brand products – traditional fresh food is excluded (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.). In this model, no immediate discount but a refund to the customer’s bank account: “The consumer visually sees the effect on his purchasing power”, justifies Solène Wertans, director of strategic projects at Carrefour.

→ REREAD. Mass distribution: after Casino, Carrefour starts subscription to retain its customers

Pay to hope to save, a profitable business? Based on the price and the discount offered, Casino and Monoprix subscriptions are amortized from €100 of purchase per month in the store, that of Carrefour from €40 monthly spent on the reference basket. Beyond that, the subscription will generate savings.

Pay attention to commitment

“The subscription is very easily profitable if you agree to give up your freedom. It implies a form of renunciation of going fluttering from one store to another, otherwise the customer will not optimize his investment as much”, analyzes Olivier Dauvers, retail specialist.

Before subscribing, taking out the calculator to take stock of your expenses can be wise. Especially since the Casino group and Carrefour are known to be more expensive than their competitors. Nevertheless, a customer already loyal to these brands will have everything to gain. “Currently, on average, we return our subscribers €50 per month”, specifies Cédric Osternaud, Executive Director General in charge of e-commerce and innovation of the Casino group, which claims 200,000 subscribers.

Last point of vigilance: commitment. Carrefour offers an offer without commitment or tacit renewal, to be subscribed at the checkout. “This allows the customer to optimize the subscription according to their needs”, supports Solène Wertans. At Casino and Monoprix, the renewal being tacit, the customer must uncheck the option if he does not wish to be systematically subscribed the following month. He can also commit to the year, which means he can benefit from a more advantageous rate.


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