Control Uric Acid: Control High Uric Acid, Make These Changes in Lifestyle

Control Uric Acid Level: Nowadays the problem of uric acid has increased a lot in people. Gout is very much like arthritis. Which develops when the uric acid level in the blood becomes high. In this, crystals are formed in the feet, fingers and joints, due to which the problem of pain and swelling starts. People consult doctors when uric acid increases, but they ignore the most important thing many times. Actually, you can change the increased uric acid to a great extent with diet and lifestyle. Reducing uric acid reduces the risk of gout. Know how you can reduce uric acid by making changes in your lifestyle.

What to do to control uric acid

1- Eat low-purine foods- First of all, instead of foods with high purine content, you should eat low purine food. With this you can reduce the level of uric acid. You should include low-fat dairy products such as peanut butter and nuts, fruits and vegetables, coffee, whole grains, rice, and potatoes in your diet.

2- Keep the weight down- To control uric acid, it is very important for you to keep weight down. Healthy body weight can help reduce the risk of gout flares. Weight gain increases the risk of gout. Weight gain increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. Which can increase heart, blood pressure and cholesterol.

3- Avoid drinking sugary drinks and alcohol- To control uric acid, drink less alcohol and sweet drinks. Sugary juices like soda, cold drinks increase the risk of gout. They are high in calories. This can lead to weight gain and metabolic problems.

4- Take food rich in Vitamin C- To control uric acid, one should eat food rich in Vitamin C. This reduces the risk of gout. Research has found that vitamin C reduces the level of uric acid in the blood.

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