Controversies over the “great replacement”: “I hate this theory, I’m not in the conspiracy theory”, defends Valérie Pécresse

The candidate Les Républicains in the presidential election that there is in France “an uncontrolled immigration, a failed integration which is dislocating the French nation.”

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“I’m not into conspiracy theory I hate this theory”, defended herself on Tuesday February 22 on France Inter, Valérie Pécresse candidate LR in the presidential election. She had used the conspiracy theory of the great replacement during her first major campaign meeting on February 13 at the Zenith in Paris. She had thus attracted a shower of reproaches even in her own camp.

If Valérie Pécresse says she refute the theory of the great replacement, she wants to defend her proposals because according to her “We have uncontrolled immigration, a failed integration that is dislocating the French nation. I am the candidate who brings solutions to the country”she retorted.

“Emmanuel Macron does not want to solve these problems and the extremes are taking over. You can see the trap in which Emmanuel Macron is putting us in not dealing with this problem, he is creating a France which is becoming radicalized”castigated candidate LR. “I am the candidate who brings solutions. My speech at the zenith was to say: there is a 3rd way between Macron, Le Pen and Zemmour, there is a way that solves your problems.”

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