COP26: there is the “feeling of an immense waste because it is an appointment which is missed”, laments Oxfam France

There is the “feeling of an immense waste because it is an appointment which is missed” regretted on franceinfo Elise Naccarato, Climate campaign manager at Oxfam France, about the COP26 agreement which was ratified on Saturday 13 November. According to her, this agreement found in Glasgow “does not ensure that countries will really respect limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees”. Furthermore, “it does not allow for climate justice between the rich countries and the poorest countries. For us, it is really a disappointment”.

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“It seems that the leaders do not see the floods, the droughts all the events of which the vulnerable populations, all the populations, are victims, continues Elise Naccarato. It is quite inexplicable, since we are far below the objectives. ”

Under the influence of China and India, the final version of the agreement calls for “intensify efforts towards the reduction of coal without CO2 capture systems and out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies”. under the terms of the agreement. “On fossil fuels there are grounds for hope in the sense that it is written in the text, and this is the first time, that it is necessary to get out of fossil fuels and that there is no ‘other ways “, explains Elise Naccarato.

“Unfortunately on this point, as on coal, there is no plan that is drawn, there are no realistic objectives in terms of timing”, gold “we no longer have time to wait. We no longer have time to make half-hearted agreements”hammer Elise Naccarato.

“The climate emergency is there on a daily basis and it hits the most vulnerable countries. Rich countries must take their responsibilities as historic greenhouse gas emitters and come to the table with credible efforts.”

Elise Naccarato, Oxfam France

to franceinfo

“As far as France is concerned, we are in an election year. For us, it is ‘no climate, no mandate’ because we can no longer continue to hide our eyes and continue to increase climatic catastrophes”, declares the Climate campaign manager at Oxfam France.

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